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“At Nexxbar Inc, we have had a long relationship with Ms. Wanda Cuff Young, We are completely happy with the services provided and would not hesitate to recommend White Rock in the future. Ms. Young and her team delivered marketing support and a fantastic business plan in the infancy stages of our company that we still draw on today, and have helped us on a number of development stages on Nexxbar Inc. Her contact and networking was very timely for us and ultimately lead to a great partner for our company. If you need to meet someone in your business and government, Ms. Young is the consultant for you!”

– Ross O’Keefe, President & Founder, Nexxbar Equipment Inc.

“NavSim Technology has employed White Rock Consulting since 2016, as well as worked with its principal, Ms. Wanda Cuff-Young, since 2009.  Our experience with both Wanda and White Rock has been extremely positive.

Ms. Cuff-Youngs’ media consulting work for our company has greatly assisted in promoting our business both on the local stage and abroad.  WhiteRock’s service-support activities for NavSim have also provided indispensable administrative support for our company.

For any business looking to expand its presence locally or conduct wider business activities further afield, Ms. Cuff-Young and White Rock Consulting offer an unparalleled networking and service-support capability.”

– James E. Locke – Vice President, Marketing and Finance, NavSim Technology Inc.

“Our organization has had a long relationship with Ms. Wanda Cuff Young and we were fully satisfied with the performance of services provided and would not hesitate to recommend White Rock to other companies. Ms. Young and her accomplished team delivered marketing support in print media (advertising), tourism brochure design and print, web design and support, and worked with us on a number of proposed development projects. I believe that her contact and networking list is one of the most extensive that I’ve seen. If you need to meet someone in the business, government and/or non-profit world, Ms. Young can help make the connection for you. “

 – W. Harvey Brenton, Marketing Manager, Argentia Management Authority

“We commissioned the services of (White Rock Consulting) to complete a Canadian marketing and export strategy. The research project was comprehensive and the final report was used quite regularly and is still relevant several years later. I would recommend (the company) to any business seeking similar work.”

 – Brent Smith, Owner and Chief Chocolate Officer, Newfoundland Chocolate Company

“Semintha Nutraceuticals Ltd. is an innovative Newfoundland-based start-up company crafting health products from Birch trees. We utilized the services of White Rock Consulting & Communications to help us with the preparation of our business plan as well as in making critical contacts within the Newfoundland government. We highly valued the knowledge and professionalism of White Rock in helping our company move forward with its plans in the province of Newfoundland and recommend the company to any business seeking such services.”

– Nicholas Katsepontes, President & CEO, Semintha Nutraceuticals Ltd