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President & CEO/Senior Consultant, Canada

Wanda Cuff Young Profile

Wanda Cuff Young has accumulated over 25 years of extensive professional experience, including approximately 20 years involvement in the marketing, business strategy, funding procurement, and management consulting industries. Through White Rock (formerly known as WCYi), her successful creative marketing and consulting firm, she has been heavily involved in the strategic direction of dozens of companies and not-for-profit organizations in multiple industries, including but not limited to: agriculture and agri-foods, bio-pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, manufacturing, hospitality & tourism, law, information technology, and so on. In addition, Wanda has managed marketing, communications, events, website development, and social media for these same clients and more. Always looking to further develop her knowledge and skill-set, she most recently completed a Certificate in Advanced Social Media Marketing through the Gardiner Centre at Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John’s.

In addition to White Rock, Ms. Young has been actively involved in the creation, development, and management of a number of business ventures. She has been awarded the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award by the Newfoundland and Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneurs (NLOWE) in 2001 and, in 2003, her former business Young & Wells was awarded the ‘New Business of the Year’ award by the Conception Bay Area Chamber of Commerce. More recently, she has been/is involved as a shareholder/senior manager with Work Global Canada Inc., a company involved in temporary foreign worker recruitment for companies who have positions which cannot be filled locally. Wanda’s experience has instilled in her an understanding of what is required to make a business successful and it is through White Rock that this experience is utilized to help others.Sitting on numerous boards and committees over the years, including being a past President of NLOWE, and Chair of the Board of Referees for the Government of Canada, Ms. Young has developed a very large network of associates, colleagues, and professional contacts. As a motivating leader with a drive to get things done, she is an integral part of any project with which she is involved and knows how to deliver to your company the results you seek.



Operations Manager, Canada

Seema Mahajan Profile

Seema Mahajan graduated from International Business Academy (Coventry University) in Kolding, Denmark with a Master’s Degree in General Management in 2014. As a member of the team, she brings her knowledge of international business in the areas of General Mangement and Finance. Seema will also provide strategy development, financial analysis, business plan development, and marketing strategies to our clientele. Her detail-oriented approach to business plan writing and the deep knowledge pool of the White Rock team will ensure a comprehensive final product.



Junior Consultant, Canada

Matthew Zwicker Profile

Matthew Zwicker graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland, with a Masters of Business Administration in 2016. As the newest member of the team, Matthew is a strategically minded communicator who has been appreciated for dependably delivering engaging presentations and demonstrating impeccable integrity. He is an experienced team collaborator and believes in building consensus among diverse team members. Matthew has five years’ work experience in diverse natural resource positions and has advanced understanding of the mineral exploration process along with a strong belief in the geological and economic potential for our regional development.




Junior Consultant, Canada

Wei Qiu Profile

Wei Qiu graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador (MUN), St. John’s, NL with a Bachelor’s Degree (Business Administration) in 2016. As a new member of the team, she brings her knowledge of Marketing, Research, and Business Development with a solid ambition towards Business Growth. Wei will provide strategy development, financial analysis, business plan development, and marketing strategies to our clientele. Her detail-oriented approach to business plan writing and the deep knowledge pool of the White Rock team will ensure a comprehensive final product.



Senior Consultant, Canada

Robert Gosse Profile

Robert Gosse has enjoyed a long and successful career in Newfoundland and Labrador in such notable positions as President of CHC Composites, Regional Manager at CATSA, and Vice President of Business Development at Securitas Canada.  His deep experience in the aerospace industry, composite manufacturing, maintenance and engineering, business management, and aboriginal affairs.  As a member of the White Rock Consulting team, Robert draws on his considerable experience and professional network to facilitate government relations and support aboriginal business development efforts in Newfoundland and Labrador.



Senior Associate (Education), Canada

Gail Gosse Profile

Gail Gosse has a long and well-respected history in the education industry. Her many achievements include 2.5 years as the Dean of the School of Business Studies at the College of the North Atlantic (CNA) Qatar campus. Academic Program Developer, College of the North Atlantic (CNA) Qatar & Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN). Instrumental in new course development at MUN and a new diploma program at CNA-Q. Campus leadership & managed a unit of 1,000 students and 60 staff. Campus Administrator responsible for 3 CNA campuses in Newfoundland & Labrador. One of four Canadians selected to serve on a Canadian International Development Agency Project (CIDA) in southern India. Three-time recipient of the Paul Harris Fellow.




Internal Media Coordinator, Canada

Darrell Heath Profile

Darrell Heath is an accomplished web developer and graphic designer with more than 16 years of professional experience in the field. While well-versed in a variety of skills within this area of work, his specific expertise is in providing website management, remote access, dynamic content control, data mining, and social networking integration. His formal educational training is in Applied Information Technology through the Graduate Centre (1999-2000). Following this formal education, Mr. Heath has kept up-to-date in his knowledge and understanding of evolving technology trends. He is active in a number of design and web technology forums and has published numerous online articles for renowned companies including the Adobe Developer Connection, the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), Layers Magazine, and Planet Photoshop. Recently, in 2012, Darrell began providing technical review services beginning with two reputable book publishers, O’Reilly Media and Packet Publishing.



Liaison for China/ Asia, Canada

Dandan Liang Profile

Dandan Liang, holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) /Business Management (Marketing), is our international liaison to China and Asia. Dandan will integrate and communicate ethical marketing strategies and tactics for application to Chinese applicants, employers, and business investors.


WhiteRock International





Doug Power Profile

Douglas Power, expert and innovator with over 30 years intensive experience in health and wellness particularly in the development of creating health-related assessment protocol procedures, implementing and designing of restorative programs. Recognized leader, coach, and creator of the highly effective and proprietary “Health Promotions” programs and leading other industry leading systems.



Senior Consultant/Managing Director, Qatar

Tony Martin Profile

Tony Martin is our management consultant currently based in Doha, Qatar. He is dedicated to assisting organizations to market their services and growing their business through strategic partnerships and targeted business development initiatives. Over the past 15 years, as Managing Director of FAME Group, he has provided organizational analysis, marketing/communications, business planning, business development and government relations supports to a myriad of public, institutional and private sector organizations, both established entities and “start-ups”.



Consultant, Qatar

Fawaz Hadi Profile

Fawaz Hadi is originally from the state of Kerala, India but born and brought up in Qatar. He graduated from the college of the North Atlantic-Qatar (CNA-Q) with a Mechanical Engineering Technology Certificate. He has years of experience working with different firms as a freelancer giving him a wide range of exposure and experience in dealing with people from different cultural diversities. Some of the areas he was involved include Manager for a trading company; customer service agent for Qatar Airways; research assistant in CNA-Q; other office and registration works.

His long years of stay in Qatar gave him strong connections with the Arab nationals and other higher officials who are involved in several businesses including international business. Fawaz speaks several languages such as English, Hindi, Malayalam, Urdu, Tamil, and basic Arabic. His knowledge and skills will be an asset for White Rock as he will be working closely with us as an agent in Qatar representing our company.





We utilized the services of White Rock Consulting & Communications to help us with the preparation of our business plan as well as in making critical contacts within the Newfoundland government.

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