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Why Use a Consultant?

Whether you are a for-profit business seeking to grow your markets and increase your profits or you are a not-for-profit organization seeking to grow your membership and increase your reach, growth is, or should be, a priority. However, while you are no doubt an expert in your particular field, industry, or markets, a marketing consultant is an expert in helping you to achieve this growth.

Operating a business, whether large or small, is time-consuming and resource-extensive, and often there simply isn’t the time or resources available to do everything with the focus and attention required. An experienced consultant is an extra resource to be utilized as required to help you achieve your company’s marketing and growth-oriented goals. Utilizing their extensive marketing knowledge and expertise, marketing consultants focus on what they do best while allowing your management team to do the same.

Viewing your business from an external perspective, a good marketing consultant will work with you to set clear objectives, realize new opportunities, add value, and implement creative strategies specific to your needs, markets, etc. They will force you to ask yourself the difficult questions that you may not want to ask or to look at options not previously explored or even thought of internally.

Either through their own extensive networks of creative professionals, funding partners, and industry insiders, or through liaising with your current suppliers, a consultant will create a detailed plan to best meet your needs and budget.

Why Choose White Rock?

White Rock Consulting & Communications leverages the knowledge and experiences of a diverse team hailing from unique backgrounds around the world. We are open to several different perspectives and it allows us to combine our collective expertise to help tackle a variety of projects, from traditional marketing & communications to internet marketing and more. We have found that by simply revising a company’s marketing materials to create a more powerful message, we can often increase response rates significantly. Instead of asking you to spend more money on marketing, our first step is to maximize the effectiveness of your current marketing program to produce improved results.

Based on your goals and budget, we will develop a strategic marketing program full of powerful results-driven marketing strategies to attract new customers and increase sales. Our team is highly experienced and has worked with organizations of all sizes and types to not only improve marketing & communications but to also consult management on such topics as business planning, operations, fund procurement, event planning, etc. No matter what your specific needs are, White Rock has experience in achieving positive results.

We utilized the services of White Rock Consulting & Communications to help us with the preparation of our business plan as well as in making critical contacts within the Newfoundland government.

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