Our experienced team will help work with you to create a unique, effective marketing strategy and develop a detailed plan to help you reach your goals.

We will help determine ideal target markets and craft the message, look, and placement of your company or organization to target the right people and keep them coming back.


Your logo is like a small ad for your company and without a clear strategy behind it, a logo can put across the wrong message thereby weakening rather than strengthening your business.

White Rock will work with you to develop a brand strategy designed to meet your specific goals, including logo, colors, fonts, slogans, and more. Our solutions will enable your organization to provide the highest visual impact and streamlined message possible in only a quick glance, maximizing appeal and recognisability.


Utilizing your current marketing strategy and branding, or those developed in partnership with us, our team of graphic designers, copywriters and marketing professionals specializes in all aspects of the creative design and development spectrum – from branding & logo to collateral marketing materials, advertising, and online ventures.

White Rock offers key Marketing, Branding & Creative Strategies along with the following strategic operatives.

Business Planning

A business plan is typically viewed as the guiding document for an organization’s entire operation, outlining its goals, and the specific strategies and tactics designed to reach these goals. A business plan outlines an organization’s vision for the future, why this vision is attainable, and how it is to be realized. Whether your organization is a brand new start-up still in its primary development phase or it is a well-established market leader displaying consistently high profits, an up-to-date 3-5 year business plan should be in place. Our team at White Rock specializes in working side by side with you to develop an extensive plan for your business or project. This plan will not only serve your organization as a guidance document moving forward, but it is also typically required by all potential investors/funding organizations prior to investment.

Creative Design, Web Hosting, and Publishing

Creative Design- We have designed logos, websites, invitations, banner stands, brochures, media kits, corporate presentations, and much more for a range of clients. Our in-house IT and web designer will work side by side with you to ensure your design needs are met and that they reflect the vision you have for your company.

Hosting and Social Media– With our vast experience designing and building websites from the ground up, White Rock has the capacity to create a custom tailored website to meet the needs of your company. We provide back-end programming, updating, and maintenance to ensure that you’re always accessible online. We focus equally on function and design, with an easy-to-use interface and high resolution images to present an attractive website. We can also supplement your website by helping you create social media accounts on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter in order to help expand your reach and drive traffic to your unique website.

Publishing- White Rock offers creative publisher services assisting organizations looking to design, develop, and effectively distribute  publications such as books, magazines, calendars, event programs, and much more. With our extensive networks throughout NL and across Canada, we can help your organization reach the masses.In addition, we help give your business the recognition it deserves by placing an ad in one of our many publications. We have publications to suit a range of target audiences and budgets.

Government Relations

Doing business in a community as close knit as Newfoundland and Labrador’s can be intimidating and, at times, frustrating for insiders and outsiders alike.  White Rocks’ deep roots in the business and political networks has made it a successful strategic advisor for significant Canadian corporations.  Our highly skilled professionals can help you achieve your business objectives and deliver results for shareholders.  We know how governments make decisions and our expert assistance can help you navigate the complex political and public affairs environment of this province to get the decisions you need to succeed.

Event Management

We combine our creative and visionary talents with our professional, hands-on approach to staging well organized events, managing all aspects of the event and partnering with capable professionals to help you reach your specific event goals.

Fund Procurement

You have your business idea developed and well-planned, you have thoroughly researched your markets, confirmed feasibility, and determined what it is you need to move forward. You have all of the required support to back up the fact that this business opportunity has the potential to be the next big thing. But you simply do not have the start-up or project financing required to follow the plan and realize the potential of your idea or product. White Rock will help you to develop a fund-procurement or financing strategy and plan and connect you with the right people. Be it equity investors, partners, commercial or private lenders, or government agencies, our experienced team will work with you in an attempt to raise the funds you need.

HR Services

Our newest service provides support for companies looking for human resources. Whether your company needs help finding the right candidate or looking to outsource its recruitment, we have  local and international databases of potential candidates. In particular, our pool of foreign candidates have specialized skill sets and are ready to begin work in Canada. Contact us today to learn more!

We utilized the services of White Rock Consulting & Communications to help us with the preparation of our business plan as well as in making critical contacts within the Newfoundland government.

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