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Who We Are

White Rock Consulting & Communication specializes in management consulting, strategic business planning, fund procurement, traditional and online marketing programs, event management, and creative design, development, and publishing.

Since 2000, we have worked side by side with our clients to assist them in developing and implementing new strategies and tactics specifically designed to achieve their goals. Promote your business with one of our many services and we’ll give you the exposure that will intrigue your audience and give you the success you deserve.

Our Mission & Values


We are committed to being honest and ethical in all our interactions with clients and/or other stakeholders. Trust and integrity are important in any field, but especially in a field such as ours where a client’s reputation, and possibly their very survival, is so dependent on the services we provide.


We are committed to always providing our services to the absolute best of our ability, ensuring only the highest quality at all times. By focusing on superior quality for our services, we increase the likelihood of client success, long-term relationships, and positive word of mouth, all vital to our future sustainability.


We are committed to offering creativity and innovation in everything we do, as it is this creativity which will differentiate us from our competitors while at the same time differentiating our clients from theirs.

We were fully satisfied with the performance of services provided and would not hesitate to recommend White Rock to other companies.

White Rock Client