Announcing: White Rock International

White Rock Consulting & Communications is pleased to announce the establishment of its first international office in Doha, Qatar.
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Who we are, Who we serve and our core Mission and Values.


Why you should choose White Rock and the Services We Offer.


Our Creative & Consulting clientele and what they have to say about White Rock.


As experienced marketing & creative consultants, our unique blend of knowledge and outside-the-box solutions will capture the attention and earn the respect of your target customer-base.

Our team specializes in all aspects of the design & development world and will work with you to understand and reach your company’s specific goals through marketing & communications planning, development, and implementation.

Not only will we work with you to reach your goals, but we will also work with you to develop your goals and plan your strategies through our research & analysis and business planning services.

Finally, if your goals are set, your planning is in place, but you require funding, then our fund procurement and networking services may be for you.

Come in, stay awhile, take a look around our website, and if you like what you see and believe that partnering with White Rock can help your company, please contact us now to schedule a meeting. We work with for-profit companies and not-for-profit organizations, large or small, new or established, and we are looking forward to potentially working with you.